About Jessica

Growing up in a home where cameras were always present, there was always a family album or box of prints to look through, share, and giggle about. While the digital age has made it easier to store and view images online, it is these printed memories that I have always cherished the most, and it is these tangible prints that I know I will pass on to my own child.

Let’s book a session together and I’ll record the fleeting details of babyhood, the fun-filled adventures of childhood and, while we’re at it, some tender family moments as well. Consider how your babies will thank you for doing this for them: giving them the gift of images that show the intensity of your love for them. Images captured and printed beautifully, thoughtfully and professionally because you deserve that. And so do they.

From the moment we begin planning our session together to the moment I deliver your finished products, all the details will be taken care of to ensure a relaxed, professional, and memorable experience. I can’t wait to help you start building a beautiful visual legacy for your family.


Beautiful soft light, quiet looks, and those in-between laughter-filled moments is what inspires me to create your art for you. By keeping to organic textures and neutral colour palettes, your connection with your babies and loved ones can shine through.

Whether at your home, outdoors, or in my studio, the images we create will always focus on joy, love and connection. My product line consists of a carefully curated selection of archival frames, albums and image boxes. Combined with fine art prints, these can become part of your family heirlooms and will last generations.

During our session together, I allow babies and children to take the lead. Aside from birthday sessions, props are minimized and all posing is natural and comfortable. It is important to me that your babies are captured this way because I believe they are perfect just as they are.

Beautiful Light